Membership for the respective season is required before booking your first tennis game participation in the groups.

To apply for membership, please contact Daniela Panzenböck using the email:

Single: €30


Account Name: Vienna International Centre Tennis
IBAN: AT06 2011 1845 9656 6600

PayPal: @VICTennisClub

Please always remember to enter the payment reason, so for normal sessions THE DATE of play (also for those who want to use PayPal)


    Please preview before submitting. By submitting you accept the WAIVER and the RULES AND REGULATIONS of the VIC TENNIS CLUB. Your membership becomes valid upon acceptance of the VIC TENNIS CLUB Committee and receipt of the membership fee.

    Show respect and courtesy

    – By booking and/or canceling your participation in good time and arriving for games on time.
    – To your opponent(s), your partner, and others on or near the courts.

    – By taking disputes off the court and away from other players.

    – By refraining from inappropriate actions including racquet throwing, being abusive aggressive or intimidating or causing danger to other players through your actions.

    – By not criticizing your partner or opponent or questioning their integrity over line calls etc.

    – By not walking onto or crossing a court or behind players during a game until invited to do so.

    – Before returning a stray ball on your court by waiting until the players are ready.

    Rules for signing up for groups

    – Sign up for the groups appropriate to your skill level
    – Signing up does not guarantee you will play. Depending on availability and fairness, the group leader will decide who plays, and on which court they are assigned.

    – If you cancel later than 24 hours before start of play, you must pay the court fees if a suitable replacement is not found.

    – Adhere to instruction of group organizer

    – Pay court fees promptly

    – Violation of rules can cause you to lose rights to sign up

    Over and above the standards and etiquette to be shown on the court and during play, the club expects all members to adhere to the fundamentals set out in the Standards of Conduct for the International Civil service ( ) noting that: “Tolerance and understanding are basic human values. They are essential for international civil servants, who must respect all persons equally, without any distinction whatsoever. This respect fosters a climate and a [sporting] environment sensitive to the needs of all. To achieve this in a multicultural setting calls for a positive affirmation going well beyond passive acceptance.”

    Wagramer Str. 5,
    1400 Vienna